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Exec' Lectern.

Lectern : Black.
Dimensions : 1100 mm high, 580mm wide, 420mm deep. Weight 29kg.
Microphone length 470mm, Lamp length 450mm.
Features : This Lectern is an attractive all-in-one public address sound system - sleek looking, with powerful, clear sound.
- It couldn’t be simpler to use - it has a built in 60w amplifier and column speaker, and is supplied with a flexible gooseneck microphone and gooseneck lamp for the reading surface.
- A number of input and output connections make it easy to expand its capacity with line-in for ipod or laptop sound, and line-out so you can connect to other amplifiers and speakers if you need to cover a larger audience or record the meeting.
- Four speakers are mounted in the vertical column and the volume controls are conveniently located within easy reach on the rear.

Ideal for : Meetings, school halls and shows

Technical Specs :
Model T-6236
Power Supply ~230V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 100w
Frequency Response 100Hz ~ 16000Hz
Rated Power 60w
Inputs Mic 1: -50dB +/- 2dB/680 ohms
Mic 2: -55dB +/- 2dB/600 ohms
Aux: -20dB +/- 2dB/ 50 ohms
Output 1V/0dB
Tone Controls Bass: +/-10dB Treble: +/-10dB
Range 15-30 metres

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